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2.5L Ultra Quiet Pump Pet Water Fountain

2.5L Ultra Quiet Pump Pet Water Fountain

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See water level at all times

Triple filtration

Triple filtration offers high-quality water for your cat or dog. The ion-exchange resin and activated charcoal filters water and removes impurities. Only offer the best for your pet!


1. The filter element is recommended to be replaced every two weeks
2. Connect to any 5V USB port for operation
3. The daily healthy water intake for pets should be calculated according to [40-60ml/kg]
4.2.5 liters capacity fountain constantly filters water and encourages your pet to drink more.

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Large Water Capacity

Smart Water Level & Shortage Protection

  • Designed with a bright LED light, this pet fountain allows for effortless water level monitoring. When normal operation it turns blue.
  • The LED light turns red when water is low and the smart sensor automatically turns off the pump to prevent dry running, thereby extending the lifespan of the device.

Easy Cleaning, More Convenience

The round structure (no hidden spots for mold to lurk) ensures fuss-free cleaning without the need to dismantle the entire unit

Ultra Quiet Pump(< 20 dB)& Protection

Gives you & your pets a sweet sleep

Our guarantee

If there is a problem with our products (eg: missing parts), please contact us in time, we will solve the problem for you within 12 hours. We guarantee your satisfaction. Finally, happy shopping!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
William Foster
love it

This is probably our fourth water fountain for our cat. If you're looking for a SILENT fountain, THIS IS IT!

Mia Nelson
large capicity and clean water

This product is super cute and holds a lot of water. My cats go through so much water which is a good thing and they arent scared of it and they do enjoy playing with the water from time to time. It comes with a couple of filters and I enjoy knowing my cats are getting filtered water, and I do enjoy the beautiful blue light that lets you know when the water is getting low I do love the black color it hides any mess and its fairly easy to clean and there is a guy to let you know when you need to change the filter and how often you need to clean the product to ensure clean, drinking water for your beautiful fur babies. If the need ever arises, I would definitely choose this product again and I do recommend it for anyone looking for a water bowl for their pet.

Benjamin Cooper
The fountain is easy to assemble and very quiet. My cats love it

I have several cat fountains. My cats and I are big fans of these things. Most of my fountains use some sort of riser or stem to transport the water to the bowl area and then holes in the bowl allow the water to run back into the holding tank. This one pumps the water directly up from the bottom of the bowl. The excess water overflows the perimeter of the bowl back into the holding tank. The light for the water level sight window also lights the perimeter of the bowl making a cool effect. The fountain is easy to assemble and very quiet. My cats love it.

Charlotte Gray
large capicity and easy to assemble

At first, my cats didnt like it. After I unplugged it she started using it. Its so hard finding things that my picky cats like. I really like this cat water fountain. Its very easy to put together, use, and clean. Its has a led blue light so you can see how much water is in it. It holds 2.5L of water inside and 110ml on the water tray. It comes with 4 water fountain filters. The fountain also has a high, medium, and low water flow settings. This cat water fountain has everything and I recommend it for all animals.

James Moore
easy to clean

No assembly needed. Quiet. Easy to clean. Pet and owner friendly.