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Car Back Seat Extender for Large Dogs up to 200lbs

Car Back Seat Extender for Large Dogs up to 200lbs

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1 Dog Back Seat Cover & 1 Dog Seat Belt & 2 Door Slide Straps&black color display


Machine Washable or Use Gentle Cycle
Suitable for different vehicles like car, truck, SUV.

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 Great supported for dog’s feet when your dog lay down in the back seat. It prevents your dog from falling into the spaces between the front and back seats when the car stops suddenly. Make your dog feel more secure and comfortable during drives.

More Comfort and Safety

It has a comfy soft top for pets to rest their paws or head. The car seat extender allows your pets to have the whole front or back seat stretch out and be comfortable on long trips. It prevents your dog from falling off the seat when the car stops suddenly.


Folding Design & Easy to clean

It was super easy to assemble (and super easy to quickly fold if needed), and complete assembly or disassembly in less than one minute. The dog backseat extender has handles to easily take it out, put it in, or carry it. Can be cleaned with a rag if any dirt gets on it.

Multiple functions

You can go with a back seat cover that allows your pets to have the whole back seat stretch out and be comfortable on long trips.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Liam Walker
love it

It hugs the seat nicely in my Suburu Outback. I highly recommend it.

Daniel Parker
Solid and large space

This box it quite nice, its sturdy and can be folded to put it away. Its strong and fits perfectly in my ford F150 front floor. Gives my golden retriever extra room. And can put stuff in it.

Jennifer Mitchell

I don't even bother to fold them if I have passengers I just toss them in the back until the next time I have more dogs than people with me.

Matthew Evans
Solid and large space

The boxes are rugged and I am using them to fill in the foot area of a SUV so that when I have multiple dogs with me there is plenty of room for them. I throw a queen sized blanket over the back seat and two of these boxes and it is a little doggy palace.

Samantha Roberts
?a decent amount of storage

We purchased this item to offer extra support for our dog beneath the rear seat dog hammock. Prior to installation, our dog felt uneasy in the back seat, as she would often step on the edge and risk falling forward. However, after installing the support, she now feels much more secure. Two of these supports fit nicely in the back seat floor space, leaving a small 4-6" gap in the middle (between the two supports) behind the console.