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2.5L Stainless Steel Premium Water Dispenser

2.5L Stainless Steel Premium Water Dispenser

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Stainless steel bowl

Visualize water level window

1.Stay tuned for pet water consumption at all times
2.Pets close to automatic water flow, attracting pets to drink water, silent and energy-saving, extending the service life of water pumps


1. The filter element is recommended to be replaced every two weeks
2. The product can be used without charging
3. The daily healthy water intake for pets should be calculated according to [40-60ml/kg]

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Production  Description

Option 1:Water dispenser basic set

Option 2:Adapted water dispenser filter element*3sets

    Unique design

    2.5-liter large capacity design:Drinking for about 10 days at a time, the normal daily water intake for pets is: body weight * 1KG body weight water requirement (60-100ml/kg)

    visualize water level window

    stay tuned for pet water consumption at all time

    Stainless steel bowl, material safety, multi-layer filtration: pets can drink with peace of mind



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Evelyn Cooper
    easy to clean, and very quiet

    I have a Pug, and a cat, who are very fussy about their drinking and eating vessels. They prefer stainless steel over anything plastic. They also prefer to drink water directly from the bathtub faucet. I was concerned that they were not getting enough water. Like magic as soon as I filled the water fountain my Pug couldn't wait to take a drink. I am delighted with this well-made water faucet. It is tranquil, easy to clean, and very quiet.

    Mason Roberts
    No Plastic Concerns

    As a conscious pet owner, I appreciate the fact that this water bowl is free from harmful plastic materials. This ensures that the water remains uncontaminated, promoting overall health and well-being.

    Harper Johnson
    well made

    Since Ive only had the fountain a little over a month I cant speak to its durability. It appears to be well made, but I will update if anything changes.

    Charlotte Harris
    The fountain is so easy to take apart, clean, and reassemble

    I personally love the fountain. I love, love, love that the pump comes out of the fountain, instead of being permanently attached to it, so I can give the bowl a thorough cleaning. The fountain is so easy to take apart, clean, and reassemble. It is also very quiet. Upon inspection during cleaning, I found that the filters did a good job of filtering hair and food debris.

    Logan Thompson
    So quiet

    I like the design of this kitty water fountain so much that this purchase was my second! I am the guardian over a friendly feral cat that was living in the woods behind my house and wished him to have safe water to drink. I live in Florida and stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitos so this fountain works perfect to keep the water flowing and filtered. Although there is a water pump, the motor is very quiet and does not scare my cat and I can't hear it while in the same room indoors. Dehydration is hard on cats so its so pleasing to see him take nice long drinks in between patrolling his forest. I've been slowly socializing my cat and now he like to sleep indoors now, so I bought this second fountain to have indoors.