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Pet Hair Grooming Set

Pet Hair Grooming Set

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Perfect Grooming Combination

Skin-friendly Massage Needles

150° bent needles designed to reach deep into the coat,making it really easier to groom the undercoat. It's perfect for shedding your pet's hair without scratching your pet's skin, even the sensitive skin.


1. The frequency of pet bathing is not easy to be too high, usually about once a week in summer, and once a month in autumn and winter
2. The selected bath tools need to be skin-friendly and suitable for pets, otherwise it is easy to cause skin diseases.

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Pet Hair Remover Glove

The enhanced 259 silicone Beauty Tips, with an enhanced five-finger design, provide a soft and relaxing massage that is skin friendly.
The glove has a soft mesh design on the back, is well ventilated and is suitable for all pet owners thanks to an adjustable wristband,
In addition, it can be machine washable


  • This pet brush can be used for short, medium, long, thick, thin, and curly-haired pets, let your pet’s coat be soft and shiny.


One-click Cleaning Button & Non-slip Handle


Of course, the combination of products may be more convenient for you


Perfect Grooming Combination

1pcs Dogs/Cats Brush,

1pcs Dogs/Cats Grooming Glove,

1pcs Dogs/Cats Bath Brush.


Perfect Hair Remove Combination

2pcs Non-damaging Silicone Brush,

1pcs Metal brush,

1pcs Pet Grooming Glove.

Ideal for cleaning clothes, bedding, furniture, and car interiors.

Upgraded Combination & Wide Use


Copper pet hair remover be used for thick-piled items and heavy-duty, such as winter coats, carpet furniture, car interiors, etc.



Skin-friendly Design


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