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2.2L Low Noise Pets Water Dispenser

2.2L Low Noise Pets Water Dispenser

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🌟Quiet Bass Water Pump

🎧 Ultra-Low Noise:

Operates with minimal noise, providing a peaceful environment.
Noise levels typically under 30dB (at 1 meter) ensure no disruption to your daily routine.

💧Superb Filtration Efficiency

Making nearly no noise and causing low power consumption, our cat water fountain will not affect your and your pet's sleep. When a power cut occurs, 4 oz of water remaining in the bowl automatically can keep your pets away from being thirsty for some time

👀 Visible Water Level

Features a red buoy design that allows you to easily monitor the water level.
Provides a convenient way to keep track of the pump's operation and ensure its smooth running.

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  • Hassle-free Warranty

    A slow-moving fountain won't frighten your kitty, it'll only draw them closer with curiosity.

    Water notification design

    -The red buoy will float up and down with the water level changes,you don't have to take the fountain apart to know how much water is in it

    Ten fold filtration

    -Are you also worried about the safety of your cat's drinking water?

    -Choose our super-strong 10-time filtered drinking water dispenser and ensure your pets enjoy the cleanest water possible

    Super Quiet Pump

    -Best for light sleepers

    -you can easily have a sound sleep, and your cat can take all the time he needs to drink his water. Plus, timid cats will never be deterred by the noise again!


    Easy to assemble and clean

    -It was easy to wash after got it out of the box and easy to put back together.


    if you and your Furry family enjoy the sound of flowing water, hit that buy button!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Dylan Murphy
    love ti's buoy feature

    FAVORITE FEATURE(s): I LOVE the buoy feature that lets me know what the water level is at. It helps me stay on top of filling the fountain before it gets too low.

    Victoria Coleman

    so far so good

    Samuel Russell

    cat drinking more than ever

    Chloe Morgan

    Price, quality and ease of use. Great product

    Gabriel Thompson

    The plastic floating piece that tells you how full it is broke the first time that i filled it. I superglued it back together and just know to be careful with it now. Its quiet. Overall happy with the purchase for the price.